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5 Things to Do Now to Create a Legacy in Your 20s

Are you a 20-something year old adult?  A digital native who can’t remember ever using dial-up internet, can’t imagine carrying a mobile “bag” phone, and don’t know where you were when 9/11 occurred?  Congratulations!  You are in Generation Z, the newest group of adults to enter the workforce.

You have high expectations for yourself and others.  You've been trucking right along interning, working, continuing your education and then boom!  2020 arrived.  Your world may be turned upside down a little or a lot right now. Dreams of stability, big six-figure salaries, 401Ks and other compensatory benefits may seem far off at the moment, but hopefully still fill your head. 

With all of this going on, you are probably wondering why should you be thinking about your legacy?  I’ll tell you why.  Making your mark in this world begins now regardless of your age, influence or position. This is indeed the perfect time for you to think of legacy.

Every stage of life is the perfect one to begin crafting a personal legacy.  You’ll create some kind of legacy unknowingly, so why not be thoughtful and intentional about it.

And guess what? Your youth gives you a distinct advantage over other generations when it comes to creating a legacy.  You can start now and have a number of significant legacies during your lifetime.   Plus building a legacy isn’t just about other people and causes.  It’s an opportunity to also focus on you.  Let me share 5 things that help you lead a more fulfilling life AND allow you to begin creating your legacies.

  1. Learn More About Yourself. Your life’s purpose up to this point has been to get an education and to prepare for adulthood. Now that you are here, do you know who you really are deep inside?  Probably not and that is perfectly okay at this stage in your life. Take stock of who you are.  Explore your likes and dislikes. What do you do well?  What do you loathe doing? Begin a spiritual journey to discover what your true purpose is in this life. 
  1. Identify your key passions. What 1-2 things you love doing every minute you’re engaged in them and would do for free?  If you can’t make a living at them yet, this is the time to have side-gigs doing what you love.  They may blossom into work that sustains not only your heart but your bank account, too.
  1. Raise your hand to teach. You have been on a long educational and perhaps athletic journey to get to this point.  Take out the list of all the things you do well.  Determine which you enjoy the most and select one thing that you can teach to others in your tribe, school, or neighborhood.  Share your passion and make it fun for you and the students.  And watch what happens – both you and your students will grow.
  1. Pin your fears to the ground. You may fear being different, having an alternative perspective than your peers, or living life on your own terms. Perhaps you find it difficult to break away from your parent’s expectations and you fear disappointing them.  Know and accept that almost every fear is conquerable or at least manageable.   Acknowledge your fears now.  Seek a coach, or if necessary, a therapist to help you conquer them. This won’t be the last time you’re afraid in life, so start learning how to manage apprehension now. 
  1. Snap a mental photo of voids in your everyday living. What do you see happening around your community that saddens or sickens you? Who do you see going lacking in some small or big way?  Don’t turn a blind eye.  Pay attention. These are opportunities for you to step up and make a difference in those areas.  And know that you don’t have to go it alone. Corral your friends to pitch in with you.  Ultimately, each of you will find joy in working together to right wrongs in your community. 

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