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Brain Surgery & Lipstick?

Happy National Lipstick Day!!

I absolutely love lip color so thought I’d share my favorite lipstick story.

In 2002, my beloved was diagnosed with a brain tumor ( which today we refer to lovingly as his brain fart😂).  The surgery was expected to last 8 hrs or so. We were told that there was a good chance that he would be blind, mute and unable to walk, but he would be alive. We were also told to expect the worst if the surgery ended in less than 4 hours.

Well, in under 4 hours, a nurse came to take me to see him. She gave me no feedback and I asked for none.  I braced myself and entered the recovery room.

Elliott looked awful and I couldn’t tell if he could talk or see me. So, I leaned in close to greet him, and in a gravelly voice he said, “You don’t have any lipstick on!”  First, I hugged him, did a dance and shouted hallelujah!!! Then fumbled in my purse to find and apply my lipstick.  

I am never without a few tubes. 💋💋💋

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