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Leave A Legacy That Counts Celebrates One-year Anniversary!

Today my book, Leave A Legacy That Counts, will celebrate its one-year anniversary! So much has happened in these 12-months.  I think it’s only fitting that I take this time to extend a heartfelt thank-you to all the readers, reviewers, and interviewers who joined me on this journey. 

Thanks to Readers

 I can’t thank you enough for reading and recommending the book to your friends.  I’ve been delightfully surprised by the wonderful ratings readers have posted on Amazon and Goodreads. (Please do me a favor and leave a review on one of these platforms if you haven’t already.) 

Readers also took the time to email, text, and call me to share the chapters they liked best and their aha moments.  In many conversations, readers shared actions they were undertaking to create legacies. And in others, they explored what was holding them back. I felt honored that they trusted me with their most intimate thoughts.

Thanks to the Writing Community

On top of all this, the book has been appraised and praised by critical book reviewers.  Leave A Legacy That Counts won a prestigious IPPY Award!  I was ecstatic to be selected from among thousands of authors.  The IPPY award plus feedback from reviewers on NetGalley and the Independent Book Publishing Association (IBPA) have been so affirming and encouraging. 

You have no idea how much this kind of acceptance from readers and unbiased industry professionals means to me.  As a first-time author, I spent months thinking about the book before ever sitting down to write it.  And even then, there were moments of doubt.  Is the book good enough?  Is it insightful enough to inspire readers to think and act differently? Is my message worthy of publishing?

Thank goodness, I didn’t let those anxious moments stop me.  If you’re thinking of writing and publishing a book, don’t let seeds of doubt get in your way. Write your book!  You will need cheerleaders along the way so cultivate them. 


Luckily, I had a number of people cheering for me before and after publishing.  Many thanks to my family, writing coach, everyone who sat for interviews, whether or not you’re in the final version, beta readers, friends and a fabulous publishing team. And lastly, to every book club that spotlighted the book, every organization that hosted me to speak, bought copies in bulk, and every person who stopped by a table for a chat and an autographed copy – thank you.


I am forever grateful for all the support and interest in the book.  You encourage me every day! May you Leave A Legacy That Counts: Create One At Any Age.  

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