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Open Your Hand, Heart and Head

I can hear my mother saying, " Work hard for the things you want in life and then hold on to them".  Her advice helped to shape my life.  Working hard in my career to accomplish milestones was a no brainer.  I worked diligently and set goals for acquiring material things that mattered to me, too.  Yet as I've lived and matured,  life's lessons and circumstances make me pause and think more deeply about this guidance.    So while my mother's counsel is still relevant when we're talking about learning and holding on to your truth, personal values and principles, I began to question whether it plays well for a full lifetime.  I began to wonder what gaps does it introduce in how one lives? Then I remembered something else my mother said frequently.  She said, “ You have to let your hand, heart and head work together in all things.”   Putting both of her wise proverbs together seemed most powerful for using over the course a lifetime.   Hence a few reflections came to mind as I contemplated them more.

Know When To Hold'em

Know who you are and what matters most to you.  Hold on to your values, principles and morals at all costs.  You give these up and you might as well just sit down in a dark closet.  Today's news is full of stories where people have left these valuables at the door.   Look how they are paying for it now.  You hearten yourself and others with good character, integrity and soulful substance.

Open Your Hand

Most people need sparks of newness in life to continue thriving.  You can't get new things or experience new wonders if you've got you hand closed tightly around the things you already have.  You have to let go.  Your hand must be open to grasp onto something new.  The new person, object or experience that you seize may be more valuable, interesting and better suited for where you are now.

Open Your Heart

Don't mourn for the people and things that walk out of your life. When "friends" tell you they have moved on, let them.   They are just making room in your life. Room for all the wonderful people, things, experiences, etc., that have been waiting in the wings, to walk in and take root in your life.  These may just be the very people and experiences needed for the next chapter of your life.  Open your heart and let them in.   In conclusion I ask you, what are you holding onto that you should release?  So who is taking up wasted space in your life, but you keep holding onto because you’re afraid of being lonely?  And finally, what are you wishing for but aren't making room to receive?

Make Room For What You Want in Life!

What do you want to invite into your life in 2018?

Open your hand, heart and head - be refreshed, renewed and replenished.

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