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Retirement Ready - But Not Really Retired

I had a blast speaking at the AT&T "You Matter - Getting Retirement Ready" webcast this week.  It was great running into old friends and colleagues as I walked down to the complex, entered the beautiful familiar lobby and on the the auditorium.  I was honored to share, with thousands of former colleagues, how I prepared to retire and what I've been up to since then. That was just a few days ago, and I've already changed my language from Getting Retirement Ready to Getting Ready For What Comes Next.  If you've been reading my blog, you already know that I am constantly working on my self-talk.

Retirement Ready, But Not Retired!

I am not really retired.  I got retirement ready, retired in 2016, and within months moved into a whole new work thing.  In fact, I created a number of new work streams.  First, I work hard coaching clients on achieving their goals and dreams. And, it seems like I am either writing a speech or giving one every time I look around. ( I forget to announce my appearances on my website, but I'll get better about that.)  Blogging and writing in a variety of media require planning and time, too.  Plus, did I tell you that I'm writing a book that should be complete, but isn't yet?  Throw in some fun excursions, volunteer hours and family time - and I am fully productive.  Busier than I ever expected to be in my "what-comes-next-retirement". The good news is that every bit of it sets me on fire every single day!  This work challenges me differently than my previous corporate work.   I love that I get to do only what I absolutely enjoy doing.  There is no drudgery in my day.  Don't get me wrong, I loved working for AT&T and had a fabulous career.  It's just so cool that now I can leverage the best of my talents and interests every day, and still take a nap on a Wednesday afternoon if I want to. Perhaps I will inspire some of you to Get Retirement Ready - meaning get your finances in order - and then like me, Get to Doing Whatever You Darn Well Want To!   Retirement Ready - But Not Retired.  Reinvented!


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