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Seven Things To Do While COVID-19 Reigns


We could not have foreseen how devastating the COVID-19 pandemic would be. Infections top 11M world-wide, with over 527K deaths and continue to rage in cities across America. Even if you or family members have not been exposed to the virus, coping with the isolation and disruption to daily life is challenging. Here are seven things to do right now while CoVID-19 reigns.  Hopefully, these suggestions will help ease your stress a little, care for your families and help others, too.    

We are #AllinThisTogether.


  1. Read for pleasure and personal growth. Click these links to get started. Great Reads for Pleasure and Personal Growth, My Summer Reading List from 2019 that’s still full of fine titles and Books on Anti-racism.

  1. Feed children’s bellies. No child should go hungry because schools are closed, or parents are out of work. Give to organizations like Feeding America, or better yet check your school district and food bank websites for how to help feed children in your local community.  
  1. Feed children’s brains. Buy books for children in need. I’m sure you’re doing a lot of online shopping these days. Drop a few books in your cart each time online shopping bugs hit you. There are always children hungering for books. This is especially important as many public libraries are still closed.
  1. Cook healthy meals. Prepare meals to eat at home, share with other families, and to freeze for later. Some states and businesses have reopened. If you’ve returned to work, prepping meals will help you feed your stay-at-home family while you’re away. Plus, you’ll appreciate having food already prepared when you return home from work. And if you’re still working from home, you may return to your place of work at some point. Doubling and tripling meals now is a great way to reduce stress later.
  1. Clean out your closets. You know you’ve got gently used and new items that you don’t wear.  Gift them to someone who needs them. Especially right now. You’ll feel great about giving and less stressed when looking for something to wear. Donate to churches and shelters who need clothing for families.
  1. Write letters! Yes, that’s right - not on a device- but on real paper, with a pen. Write encouraging notes to people who need uplifting. You don’t have to be fancy, just say what you feel. Now mail the letters. And don’t forget to put a stamp on them. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine called laughing. She hadn’t written real letters in years, and in her excitement to mail them, forgot that stamps are required. J
  1. Breathe. Exercise. Rest. Relax. This trying time is becoming our new normal.  Our world is different and will be whenever COVID-19 gets controlled.  Make self-care a priority.  We’ll need to ready ourselves for the new challenges to come.

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