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Six Months Left in the Year! What Will You Accomplish?

Where did the time go? Can you believe that 2019 is half over – already?! Well, it is.

 If you’re working in a corporate environment, you have certainly had to perform a mid-year review of your accomplishments. You had one of two responses to this annual ritual:

 1. You were excited because you’re proud of what you’ve contributed so far and can’t wait for the formal review with your boss.

2. You dreaded the whole process because you are far off track and haven’t accomplished your year-to-date goals.

Which are you?

Whether you’re in a corporate organization with formal reviews or not, you should take stock of what you’ve achieved during the last 6 months. Conduct an objective self-assessment of your performance.


Reflect on what you’ve achieved.

A. Be specific. If you set SMART goals at the beginning of the year, you know that specific, measurable results are needed.

B. Capture and calibrate results. Where are you on track, exceeding or falling behind on goals?

C. Identify actions and decisions that worked well, and which did not deliver the results you need or desire.

D. Look objectively at how you spent your time. Did you spend it on the most important functions and people related to your goals?

E. Review the feedback you received from your clients, subordinates and managers. Look for actionable suggestions or comments to improve on or continue the great work that you’re doing.

F. Celebrate if your results are worthy of recognition.


Set goals for remainder of the year.

  • Define areas of focus needed to deliver on your goals.
  • Set new targets to catch up, improve on the quality of your results and achieve your goals.
  • Create plans to adjust or recover from mistakes that hinder your progress.
  • Adjust your time commitment to specific functions.
  • Communicate your goals and plans to your stakeholders.


And lastly, look at what you learned in the previous 6-months and what you need to be successful. Determine which skills and expertise you want to develop. Create a learning path for yourself and make time to fulfill it.


Wishing you a productive 2nd half of the year!!

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